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Each person is unique and so is the fit of their ostomy pouching system.


Closed End Two-Piece Pouching Systems





8” Closed-End Pouch with Belt abs                        

w/o Filter    w/Filter & 30 Covers    Flange Size 

Opaque     Opaque   

7400134     7408134*                    1 ¾” (45 mm) 

7400214     7408214*                    2 ¼” (57 mm)

7400234     7408234*                    2 ¾” (70 mm)

Our pouches have a soft, skin-friendly comfort panel that is quiet, light & sturdy with an environmentally safe film

Understanding Product Numbers

The last 3 digits of our 2-piece systems indicate the flange size. The wafer and pouch should be the same number to connect together.

7400134 Closed Pouch

The flange size must be the same on both the pouch and the wafer for it to connect.

7204134 Wafer

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