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Whether an individual has a Colostomy, Urostomy or Ileostomy, they can benefit from the Flex & Form Collar Wafer System

  • The patented collar clings and shapes to the stoma creating a customized fit with no cutting or molding necessary.

  • The collar gently surrounds the stoma, eliminating gaps between the wafer and stoma.

  • The tape-free, enhanced extended wear formulation used in the wafer absorbs moisture on the skin surface minimizing irritation.

  • The Lift & Connect™ flange ensures an easy secure connection.


Candidates for the Flex & Form Collar Wafer System are those who:

  • Have a protruding stoma measuring from 3/4” to 1 1/2”.

  • Have an uncommon stoma size or shape (such as oval).

  • Have recently undergone ostomy surgery.

  • Have a history of leakage around the stoma.

  • Have difficulty cutting or molding wafers due to dexterity, vision or other issues.

  • Have a stoma that expands and/or contracts throughout the day.

  • Have an active lifestyle.


Product Ordering Information


Product                            Fits                                             Flange       Wafer

Number                           Stoma Size                                 Size            Size

7910214 (Small)             ¾” (19mm) to 1” (25mm)             2¼”             5”x 5”

7920234 (Med)              1” (25mm) to 1¼” (32mm)           2¾”              5”x 5”

7930234 (Large)            1¼” (32mm) to 1½” (38mm)        2¾”              5”x 5”

Thank you for your interest in the NEW Flex & Form Wafer System


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