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Our New Full Line of Continence Care Poducts

For nearly two decades Securi-T USA has been providing high quality ostomy appliances and accessories. Now we are pleased to offer continence care as well through the acquisition of PECO Medical. Confused about which product is right for you? Our dedicated clinical support specialists are on hand to assist you at 877.726.4400.

Catheter Design Basics:

PECO has years of experience designing, manufacturing, and marketing urological catheters. We know catheters and the technology used to manufacture their shafts, the funnels, eyes and tips.

The most important features of the PECO Catheter are:


  • Polished Eyes

  • Full Spherical Tip

  • Smooth Shaft

  • Soft Funnel Connector


The eyes of the catheter are most important to the clinical outcome and the comfort of the patient during catheterization. Our technical staff has designed the PECO catheter eyes using data collected through years of listening to patients and clinicians.


PECO Polished Eyes: The size, shape and feel of a urinary catheter is a balance between function, appearance and comfort. Research indicates that PECO Catheter’s eyes are one of the best on the market.

PECO catheter eyes are smooth to the touch and “fire-polished” for comfort during catheterization. Eyes are sized and positioned on the tip of the catheter to allow above average flow and drainage, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections.
What is little understood is that the size of the catheter eye is a balance between drainage, comfort and risk. The catheter eye functions as an opening to void the bladder as the catheter is exerted into the bladder. When inserted into the bladder the urine flows through the two eyes and out the internal diameter of the catheter. The internal diameter is, in most cases, the constraint on the drainage rate. The catheter tip and eyes must pass through the entire urethra channel and into the bladder. This is an important point.

The design intent of our catheters is a balance between patient comfort, function and risk. It is our belief that larger eyes do not result in an increased drainage rate. Large eyes do not necessarily mean comfort. Large eyes do potentially increase the risk to the patient by capturing and transporting bacteria normally found in the urethra into the bladder during catheterization.

PECO Medical brings products to life. We are known in the healthcare industry as one of the markets most innovative manufacturers for continence care products.  But, what we’re really proud of are the deep, long-lasting relationships we build with our customers and the users of our extensive line of urology products. 

Intermittent Catheters


Smooth, fire-polished eyelets

Available in straight and coude tip

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