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Each person is unique and so is the fit of their ostomy pouching system.


Two-Piece Pouching Systems


A two-piece pouching system consists of a wafer and a pouch connected by a flange system. The wafer and pouch are two separate units that snap together allowing the wafer to remain on the skin while changing the pouch system.


Two-Piece: Pouches are designed to be discreet, reliable and comfortable. The soft, cloth-like comfort panel material is skin friendly, flexible and quieter so the pouching system moves with the movement of the body and rests softly against the skin.


In addition to the comfort panel, all two-piece pouching systems are made with an environmentally safe film that is quiet, light and sturdy. 


Two-Piece: Wafers are discreet, low profile and easy to use. Flanges connect with a gentle smoothing motion and feature top-quality hydrocolloids and flexible flange attachments for greater performance and wear time.


Two-Piece Pouching System Types


Benefits of Two-Piece Pouching Systems

  • Easy access to stoma

  • Reduction in time needed to change pouch

  • Stoma protected by flange

  • Ability to use different types of pouches  



Closed Pouches

Drainable Pouches




Urinary Pouches

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