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Each person is unique and so is the fit of their ostomy pouching system.


Urinary One-Piece Pouching Systems





9”  Convex Extended Wear

Our pouches have a soft, skin-friendly comfort panel that is quiet, light & sturdy with an environmentally safe film

9”  Convex Extended Wear  Flip Flow Valve Transparent

Pre-cut Stoma opening

Includes curved 1 Night Drain Adapter and 10 Caps

Product Number 7610198       3/4”     (19mm)

Product Number 7610228       7/8”     (22mm)

Product Number 7610258          1”     (25mm)

Product Number 7610298    1 1/8”     (29mm)

Product Number 7610328    1 1/4”     (32mm)






An extended wear one-piece system refers to the barrier material that allows the appliance to be worn for a longer period of time.

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